Designing UX / UI

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We strive to make every use of your system a pleasure and make life easier for customers.

Design and graphics for your company

It is said that one image is worth more than a thousand words. This saying works perfectly in the technology and design industry. It is not enough for the system to be only functional. The application should also be easy to use and have an elegant and eye-catching design. Arouse positive emotions and leave a good impression.

At INFIGO, we help you create strategies for your ideas, prepare mockups and prototypes, and create graphic designs for web and mobile applications.

UX prototypes and models

Based on the technical specification of the project and the goals to be achieved by the website, we create a prototype of the page in the form of mockups. The prototype allows presenting ideas and application functions in an interesting way in the form of interactive mockups.

The prototype has the advantage that the customer can see how the site works before they start the actual graphic design. Any changes at this stage are very ecenomic and easy to apply.

UX / UI graphics

We design a complete graphic interface (UI) based on mockups. The colors, fonts are selected and the climate of the project is determined. At this stage, based on best practices, a coherent and final graphic design is created (e.g. website with all subpages).

XHTML / CSS encoding

We change the designed graphics into HTML - interpreted by web browsers. We define all interactions, transitions between pages, we also implement animations (written in JavaScript). We attach great importance to standards and specifications - including W3C, WAI, WCAG.

The final product at this stage are complete views and templates, ready for implementation by programmers.