Coding and programming

We build systems of various sizes: from simple CMSs, online stores, to complex tool applications that work more effectively than many employees. The main focus is put on safety, speed of operation and ease of use.

Software development

Programming applications or websites, regardless of their scale, is often a complex process. This requires a well-coordinated work of a team of people representing various specialties and skills.

We design and implement high-quality, functional and refined solutions that will meet the needs of your business. The complete solution will provide users with convenience of use and present the brand in a thoughtful way..


Nowadays, the company's presence on the Internet is becoming mandatory. A website is first and foremost one of the simplest tools currently available for informing, educating or communicating with clients. Increases the chances of getting a customer and builds credibility.

Each website we provide is unique and of high quality. It is the result of many years of experience, comprehensive knowledge in various areas of our team, and the pursuit of perfection. Such a website will help you create a good first impression for your brand.

Webshops and e-commerce platforms

Online stores are one of the most dynamically developing parts of the Internet. Recent years have shown that users are slowly moving away from traditional forms of buying. They are increasingly looking for and buying products via the Internet. In a busy world it is faster and simpler.

We know that a well-designed platform can determine the success of your business. We offer e-commerce solutions tailored to your needs. When designing an online store, we focus on making it intuitive and easy to use, which effectively affects sales.

Dedicated solutions

Ready-made solutions or Open Source systems often available on the market are relatively insufficient. Dedicated systems are the answer to this problem. Created from scratch, they are able to meet all your requirements, integrate all IT systems and tools owned and used in the company.

Thanks to dedicated solutions, the system grows with you. Your company has full control over how the platform develops and you can be sure that it is always compatible with all other systems and processes in the company.

External / API integrations

Many companies use many applications and services, each of which is designed to support one specific field (CMS, CRM, ERP systems, etc.). In such a distributed environment it is difficult to effectively analyze and process data.

Application integration with various systems and databases enables easy use of many tools from one panel. This greatly facilitates access to all data, aggregation and browsing, generating statistics etc.