Caring about quality

We care about the effects of work by attracting attention to each pixel and code line. We are probably the only ones who provide two years warranty.

Quality in every inch

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this by offering high quality services and products. High quality makes our applications secure, optimized and error-free. The highest quality also facilitates the maintenance of products and their development in the future.

We pay great attention to quality, which is why we base our project activities on the developed management methodology - we combine agile methodologies (Scrum / Agile) and a traditional approach to project implementation (PRINCE2, PMI). As a result, we are also able to deliver products on time.

We have also developed proprietary ways to improve the quality of our services. For example, when implementing a system or website, we always use the checklist prepared by us. Thanks to the planned list of steps that must be followed, we are sure that we will not miss important details. Our basic list at the very implementation stage consists of 78 steps.

Comprehensive testing

We provide high quality of created software thanks to broad competences in the field of Quality Assurance and extensive experience gained in working with various clients on the global market.

We provide well tested code, including multiplatform testing, automatic tests, manual tests, performance tests, security tests, optimizations and consultations.

Maximum Performance

Slow-loading mobile pages can slow down your business. According to Google research, 53% of users leave mobile pages that load more than three seconds. Similar results apply to desktop pages and applications.

That is why at INFIGO we focus on speed of loading and operation, not only to not lose customers, but also to make the experience of using the system pleasant and long-lasting. To optimize speed, we use proven techniques and tools, including GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google Speed Test.

Customer availability

We know how important good contact with a company is, which is why we will always and quickly answer your queries. We attach great importance to communication and relationships with clients, we try to use "human" language to be understood by everyone.