Analyzing and consulting

Understanding the needs and behaviors of the end user translates directly into the business and functional success of the project. To this end, we use a variety of tools, in-depth analysis and a competent team.

Needs analysis

Whether we're talking about designing a smaller website or a large web application, it's often a complex process. It requires a well-coordinated work of a team of people representing various specialties and skills.

Each website created from scratch requires recognition of the needs and expectations of our clients. Comprehensive analysis is crucial to the success of the project. The most important elements of this analysis are:

Getting to know the company or institution

A direct conversation with the management and employees at the operational level allows to get to know real needs and problems.

Process identification

Contract management, invoices, employment - these are just some of the examples for which you can develop a process and automate it.

Defining the target group

Detailed knowledge and identification of the target group gives you the chance to create an effective product tailored to your customers.

Market research

Market and competition research, analysis of competing companies' websites - both in visual and functional terms.

Comprehensive advice

Important decisions in an enterprise require analyzing many possibilities. The tools and working methods we use help to choose the path of technological development of the company.

At the same time, we provide constant care for a team of experienced specialists. This allows you to direct all activities so that the company develops and brings more and more profits. Our offer includes:

Company audit

It is to examine the current situation in the company and its processes. Thanks to the specialist's external view of the company's systems, it is possible to identify gaps and recommend improvements and changes.

Development strategy

After getting to know the company and its needs, industry conditions and customer requirements, we can prepare a work improvement plan using IT tools. Here we can indicate specific solutions and their benefits.

Analysis of IT systems

Analysis of IT systems, or even websites based on a content management system, e.g. WordPress, allows you to improve security-related processes and reduce the risk associated with the development of new IT technologies.

Source code audit

Audit of the source code of the application will allow detection of places with poor performance, or even dangerous. Thanks to this, it is possible to indicate places to optimize, increase speed and increase security.