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Customer need.

Jølstad begravelsesbyrå is the largest funeral office in Norway. Scattered around the largest cities, serves around 5,000 families. The office's business advisors were using a lot of time commuting to clients and filling out extensive forms related to death and funeral ceremonies.

There was a need for a system that would automate the process of collecting and processing the data from customers. Preferably maintenance-free so that advisors do not have to reach clients.

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Plan a funeral.

We have designed a tailor-made funeral planning system. The system allows to register users, collect data from them, and calculate the cost of the funeral.

The form itself, made available to users, consists of 115 fields divided into 8 subpages. Users can choose products (coffins, tombs, flowers), types of music, or even personalize the advertisement in the newspaper. They have a quick and full view of the cost summary.

Most importantly, they can stop filling out the form at any time and save its current status to continue on another day. Finally, they send the completed form to the office.

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The power of choice

The funeral bureau offers hundreds of products from which customers can choose. The offer was presented in a legible and transparent way. The system is easy and pleasant to use.

The power of <span>choice</span>

Creating an advertisement

Users have the option of personalizing the advertisement for the newspaper by filling out many text boxes, selecting the icon of the symbol or a photo of the dead. At each stage, it is also possible to generate and preview such an advertisement.

Creating an <span>advertisement</span>

Advanced calculator

Depending on the choices, the costs of the funeral are calculated. The calculator contains advanced rules because different configurations of choices affect the final cost. Some individual costs may depend on several choices at once.

Advanced <span>calculator</span>
Software development

Plan your own funeral.

Two years after the product's success and continuous development, we were asked to perform additional functions. The most important of them was a separate planner - in which users can plan their own funeral.

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