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3 months

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Project summary

Advanced platform

Elektro Union AS operates as a union of electrical contractors. The Union helps to improve members' conditions of insurance, vehicles, fuel, telephony, work clothes, and tools. It has over 500 members and a purchase volume of NOK 500 million.

We were asked to cooperate in the implementation of the platform based on the graphic designs provided, which would allow:

  • website availability on mobile devices
  • part of the website that is only available to members
  • integration with company systems and applications
  • advanced map and search of member companies
  • easy management of all content on the site

Using Wordpress, we have built a website for the client to meet all the above-mentioned needs. Wordpress itself has been expanded to include a number of dedicated solutions and plugins created by us.

Database Integration

Elektrounion owns an external product database, which we integrated into the Wordpress system. Thanks to this, we have made it possible to search for products and check current prices. The database itself has been expanded with additional functions.

Database <span>Integration</span>

Searching for the nearest place

In order to facilitate searching from more than 500 members, we have created a function that will search for companies closest to any place. The place itself can be provided in many ways - including street, zip code, city, company name.

<span>Searching</span> for the nearest place

Password protected sections

Elektrounion provides data only to its members. We've created a password protected areas that only members can access. There are documents, contracts, external applications entry points.

Password <span>protected</span> sections

Categorized documents

Elektrounion has prepared many documents and contract templates to download for its members. Documents are visible only after logging in and are divided into categories and subcategories.

Categorized <span>documents</span>