Apartments for rent

Project goal

Process automation


6 months


Customer need.

Rentapartments24 is a young company that invests in short-term rental of apartments. Over time, however, the company encountered a number of problems related to its business.

With the increase in the number of owned apartments, manual management has become time consuming and problematic. It was also difficult to compare the revenues from individual apartments and choose the best places to invest in new apartments.


Apartment management system / CRM

We have developed a customer and apartment management system tailored to the needs of the customer. The system allows to register users, add apartments and track costs and revenues along with useful statistics.

For each apartment, it's easy to see in the system what the total costs and revenues are, so it's easy to spot places that require more work. Administrators also see the current occupancy rate and all reservations of given apartment. All data is also broken down by month.

Thanks to clever statistics, it is easy to visualize which apartments bring the best profits, which is also a hint where to invest in subsequent apartments.

Insight into the apartment

Administrators have access to current data of the apartments. They see what the situation looked like in specific months, the sum of profits and costs, and all reservations.

<span>Insight</span> into the apartment

Integrations with external systems

The customer uses a separate system to manage reservations and payments. Therefore, integration with an external API had to be programmed to synchronize reservations, customers and payment statuses.

<span>Integrations</span> with external systems

Helpful statistics

Thanks to helpful statistics, administrators have quick and easy insight into situations in specific apartments. Thanks to statistics, they can also assess the best places for next investments.

Helpful <span>statistics</span>

Email notifications

The end of the month is an important moment. At the beginning of each month, the system sends information by email with the most important data and statistics.

Email <span>notifications</span>