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Biggest stair manufacturer

Nytrapp has been on the Norwegian market for over 12 years and has already delivered over 4,000 stairs. Thanks to many years of experience and professional knowledge, they are a leader in the industry.

We were asked to develop a complete website based on the graphic designs provided. Great emphasis has been put on readability and pleasant feelings from using the website. This has been achieved thanks to eye-catching animations.

Frequently asked questions

It was also important on the website to create a place where users can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. We divided such section into categories with the possibility of rating the answers.

Frequently asked <span>questions</span>

References with filters

Nytrapp has something to be proud of, that's why the section with completed projects had to be divided into categories and allow filtration to quickly browse through.

<span>References</span> with filters

Animated slider

A big customer requirement was how the slider and the whole website would work. We have implemented many different effects and we have met this task fully, judging by customer satisfaction.

<span>Animated</span> slider